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My Therapeutic Philosophy

I provide more accessible therapy to help people address current challenges and long-standing issues, as well as to explore their unique way of being with themselves, others and their environment.

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Demian Brown Toronto Psychotherapist

About the Program

My Therapeutic Philosophy is to provide more accessible therapy to help people address current challenges and long-standing issues, as well as to explore their unique way of being with themselves, others and their environment.
This can be achieved by offering a therapeutic space, human contact and a special way of sharing, where clients move towards mental health, welfare and growth.
With sensitivity and compassion, I help individuals bring understanding to a wide range of life challenges and psychological distress, creating new paths and direction for developing personal and interpersonal understanding.

My clients tell me that my degree of openess about my observations, intervention and advice is what they value the most in me as a Psychotherapist. I believe that by “thinking outloud” as much as possible during sessions I can better build a more secure therapeutic alliance leading to greater depth of change.
I am transparent throughout providing my ongoing assessment, observations and rational for ideas for therapy because I’m confident about my approach and ability and believe this extra effort on my part can only serve to build confidence that directions are clear and the relationship authentic.


on integration of different approaches to bring together what is most helpful for each of my clients. I prefer to borrow from several theories to inform my counselling with an emphasis on:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy if it applies since it allows for goals to be measured. I place the utmost importance on the relationship between the client and the Therapist at the centre of therapy. This approach translates well into excersizes that are crucial to work with issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, addictions and phobias.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy because it takes into account a person’s unique past including early attachments, traumas, development socially and allows for the interplay of the best of all the theories in practice thereby increasing the ability to assess the individual more deeply and wholistically.
Narrative Therapy becuase it allows for a focus on the person’s strengths “The person is not the problem. The problem is the problem!” while detailed rich descriptions of my client’s lives can be coillustrated by us together with the goal of raisng awarness while applying the revelations or epiphanies in so doing to overall goals and themes in the sessions.
Strengths Based as modern behavioural sciences have tended to rely on medical models to understand human behaviour thus impacting clinicians to use pathologizing definitions and models to guide their interactions with clients which can be experienced as invalidating. Co-identifying strengths early in initial sessions means that my support throughout therapy is geared towards continuelly employing your strengths to help you to cope and adapt to your current life struggles.
Motivational interviewing is a counselling technique that works through raising awareness about the behaviours/ideas that have strong attachments to them despite difficulties they create in my client’s lives. By highlighting how the thoughts or actions run contrary to my client’s goals and values a focus on self-strenghts is used to bridge the gap.

office provides a safe, secure, and confidential setting for us to work toward your goals.

  • Grief, loss & bereavement

  • Gender and sexuality

  • Anger management/domestic violence

  • Relationship counselling

  • Childhood issues

  • Migration and culture change

  • Personal growth and development


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“While in session I think, analyze, feel and assess out-loud with confidence as we go along allowing you to see my skills, my motives and judgements.”