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I’ve decided to write a short post on the topic Psychotherapy in Toronto for those interested in studying in Toronto to become a Psychotherapist, those looking to find a good private practice Psychotherapist and to those looking for counselling and Psychotherapy in the city that’s funded.

Are you looking for a Psychotherapist in Toronto or Oakville?

At the risk of seeming too cynical I want to comment that of the 12 big cities in the world I’ve visited Toronto is the least friendly. If you were to hold the door open for someone in Toronto they would automatically assume you’re from somewhere else. It can be hard for people in Toronto psychologically. It’s hard to meet people, make friends, date and marry in a city where people walk briskly past each other, don’t exchange looks, gestures and the like. In my Toronto psychotherapy practice I get clients who have left an addiction behind and in its place need friends but can’t make them or people who are single after spending a long time with just their ex prior and who have sought me as a Therapist for help regarding how to  be more likable.

I will begin by summarizing a survey conducted that asked Toronto Therapists for their educated opinions in 4 areas.

Toronto Therapists were surveyed, one of the largest surveys of Toronto Psychotherapists conducted, taking over a 4 month period in 2012 to complete. The agenda was to get a better understanding of what it is that makes a good Psychotherapist in Toronto specifically according to the professionals surveyed. The general questions were posed to respondents in the context that research was being conducted to use the evidence to help someone looking for a Psychotherapist in Toronto to find the most competent Psychotherapist.

Searching for Toronto or Oakville Psychotherapy?

These are the questions and answers comprising the project:

  1. Do you think a Psychotherapist needs to understand what it entails to be a Psychotherapist here in Toronto in order to serve their therapy clients competently?

87 of the 100 Psychotherapists in Toronto surveyed said yes. Of the 13 percent that said no the majority cited that a good Psychology or Social Work degree program should prepare someone to be competent and to know how to help clients to utilize the resources and systems in a big city like Toronto. The Nay Sayers state that the parts of the Psychotherapist’s Job that requires specific skills related to Toronto are few enough that mastery of them would not lead to much gain or loss as a result.

  1. As a Toronto Psychotherapist what are the three most significant things you feel Therapists practicing in Toronto should be able to do to demonstrate competency?

74% Said the Psychotherapist is to understand a range of ethnic backgrounds and how that should inform how psychotherapy ought to be conducted. 46% of Toronto Psychotherapists should know what social service agencies offer counselling in Toronto and which don’t including centres that offer counselling in a culturally sensitive way.

  1. What makes a Psychotherapist best equipped to practice counselling in Toronto versus in a town or even another city?

90% of Toronto Psychotherapists said understanding different cultures, 15% said no difference in skill based on where you live.

  1. What advice would you give to psychotherapist moving to Toronto if they asked you how start a practice in Toronto specifically?

82% said its vital to understand the different social service agencies in Toronto and what they offer clients in terms of support.

It’s no surprise that Therapists in Toronto have focused on Toronto’s being culturally diverse as the deciding factor with regards to what a Toronto Psychotherapist would need that a Psychotherapist from a town or another city wouldn’t.

Toronto Psychotherapist for all ethnicities

Toronto’s population of immigrants is roughly 40% of Toronto’s total population. That means Toronto’s ethnic groups are sizeable which In turn means that government funding exists in the social services branch to fund agencies who’s agenda it is to serve such populations.

Furthermore, each group has a community center which in turn houses access centres and agencies of varying kinds to help members of that community with an emphasis on children and seniors first but also on mental illness and physical disability broadly. Psychotherapists are available at all these places if not funded by the government too frugely.

There also exists portions of mainstream psychotherapy programs in Toronto that are culturally focused such as ALANON, AA. NA, CA and Gamblers Anonymous. The government pays for translation services for newcomers so psychotherapy too is available to access In Toronto for newcomers.

Empathetic Psychotherapy in Toronto, Ontario

In terms of studying in Toronto well before my graduation as a Psychotherapist I recommended memorizing the list of social service agencies that serve each sub population and evaluate how well the communities do at representing all the psychotherapy needs of members in the given  Toronto subculture. For instance the Chinese can have a stigma with attending counselling and might do that more privately.

In choosing to come to Toronto to study one can approach entering the helping field to do counselling. One can pick to join the following guilds: become a child and youth worker, a master of education in psychology and school counselling at ousie, a BA in Psychology followed by a masters and PHD(Psychologist).

Another important factor regarding choosing a more metropolitan Therapist is to pay attention to the linked in profile if its visible to the public or simply to ask the prospective Therapist what multicultural lived/life and work experiences they have? Have they worked directly with a minority group specifically in a helping role?

I know many Toronto Therapists who are from an ethnic group and most of their work is with that group and you may run the risk of getting a less sophisticated Therapist here by trying to hire someone who you think should understand things from a more worldly perspective.

Toronto Based education facilities such as the Psychology Department at Ryerson, University of Toronto Social Workers and Psychologists in Toronto May be slightly more worldly than someone trained to by a Psychotherapist in Waterloo, Ontario because the teachers are more diverse here in Toronto, the placements that the prospective Toronto Psychotherapists have will all have very big multi ethnic approaches built in to the education and being a Toronto Psychotherapist graduating from University of Toronto’s Social Work program I know that as a result of multiculturalism the faculty have us intensely focus on anti oppression, social justice and discrimination as a requisite lens to use always to be entitled to share our knowledge and efforts in the field. We must as Toronto Psychotherapists or cosmopolitan Psychotherapists generally whether in Toronto or or Edmonton use the framework of anti oppression or run the risk of being complicit in the passive oppression of all others. The philosophy at university of Toronto is that we must address racism when we see it even when the Toronto Psychotherapist is “off Duty”.


I looked up a few therapists in Toronto to determine what on their sites indicated they would be worth checking out further by calling them or deciding to have a first session so by uploading a variety of search terms such as Toronto Psychotherapist, Toronto Therapists, Toronto Therapy, Toronto Therapist, Counsellor in Toronto, counselling in Toronto, marriage counselling Toronto, addictions counsellor Toronto and group therapy/psychotherapy Toronto I sampled some Toronto Therapist profiles.

Knowing what to look for:

Skip to about me/education/qualifications/experience “Registered”,  “College of” if you don’t see the terms in quotations, they are not Social Workers (MSW, RSW) or Psychologists (PHD. psych) then forget it. They are Psychotherapists in Toronto because anyone can be that but they don’t have a substantial, regulated degree with a tradition and recourse fir you should you need it-should something happen and you want to have accountability then the college the person belongs to in Toronto could discipline them as practicing Psychotherapists.


In their profiles I noticed that the inexperienced do not mention the amount they have. Anything less than 5 years avoid. was their undergrad related to their masters. For instance did they graduate with a fine arts degree then do an MSW degree. This may show they are a bit ambitious in the field. Look online in Toronto for comments, remarks made by those who have seen the Psychotherapist.