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Anyone, regardless of their class or social status can benefit from Psychotherapy.

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Demian Brown Toronto Psychotherapist

Confidential, Private

My Toronto Psychotherapy location has been equipped with both the standard building security & my private and secure office incorporates unique security features. In addition to that, my flexibility and willingness to meet in secure, private locations by traveling to them is a standard practice.
For services offered such as Mediation, Consultations, Psycho-Social Assessments, Couples Psychotherapy work, Family Counselling and Individual Psychotherapy sessions, I am amenable to and can accommodate facilitating the meetings on most secure and encrypted networks, the telephone or even Skype depending on the level of security sought.

In addition,
With my available hours I accommodate most high-security needs of my couples, individuals and families.
Through my decades of experience as a Psychotherapist but particularly in recent years as my practice has increasingly catered more to clients who would be recognized so I have been making extra-secure arrangements in the areas I tend to practice psychotherapy, Toronto, Burlington and Oakville Ontario locations. I travel strictly when health and security needs dictate, or there is a group issue within an organization.


Both Psycho-social Assessments as well as certain shorter psychotherapies like Solutions Focused Psychotherapy, Supportive Psychotherapy (grief, bereavement & acceptance psychotherapy) and Cognitive Therapy, to name a few are most practical for this arrangement.

Psychotherapy involving complex and serious issues both practically and ethically can’t reasonably be addressed safely over long distances when in person sessions are deemed necessary or more effective than electronically administered forms of therapy. However, assessments and most topics for Short Term Psychotherapy can be successfully addressed this way through a combination of telephonic, closed circuit psychotherapy sessions or even Skype or when remote sessions are preferred.

I can travel distances outside of Ontario or Canada with the proper arrangements. However, I can more readily go to your secure private locations in the core of Toronto, within the proximity of my Psychotherapy Office or anywhere in the Cities of Burlington or Oakville, Ontario.


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“While in session I think, analyze, feel and assess out-loud with confidence as we go along allowing you to see my skills, my motives and judgements.”