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Gender and Sexuality

What does it mean to be “comfortable with our sexuality?” What is healthy sexuality?

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Demian Brown Toronto Psychotherapist

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What is healthy sexuality?

All of us, on occasion, question society’s gender roles or issues surrounding our sexuality. For gender and sexuality we are endlessly intrigued, as sexuality manifests by the popularity of sex-themed literature, music, cinema, internet pornography, and beyond- but the details of our sexual natures usually remains private and hidden. It’s easy to talk about sex, but not easy to talk about our own true sexuality. What does it mean to be “comfortable with our sexuality?” What is healthy sexuality?

Some of us have a deeper confusion and sexual identity conflicts.  Our desires may be triggered in conflict to what our society finds acceptable. Maybe we are haunted by desires that we struggle in vain to relinquish. When should we seek to come to terms with that sexuality and when should we seek help to prevent dangerous compulsions? We may have serious trouble relating to our partners, or an inability to commit. Maybe we can’t find true intimacy and act compulsively while enacting more superficial encounters that lead nowhere. Or maybe our sexuality  feels healthy enough but is at odds with our family’s religious or cultural expectations.

Gender / Sexuality Toronto Psychotherapist Psychologist


take for granted being male or female gay or straight, some are confused by both social roles and internal indicators.  You don’t have to sort out your gender identity or sexual orientation alone.

or sexuality concerns. You may find relief from any confusion or shame by examining these issues with a trusted therapist. Our sexuality is both our most natural, human experience and a kind of theatre where early scenarios and discoveries are enacted. Child abuse, alienation, culture, religion, fears, hopes, fantasies, and our intimate experiences all affect what we come to understand as our “sexuality.”
A healthy sexuality is one that does not consume an individual and that benefits his or her relationships, happiness, and personal pleasure.

innate and unchangeable and what is acquired and flexible. Therapy can help you decide whether you want to accept certain traits or conquer them. In counselling, I provide a no-judgement environment and a relationship based on trust where the most confusing issues of identity can be explored. You will be empowered to take charge of your sexuality so that ultimately you control it, rather than it controlling you.


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“While in session I think, analyze, feel and assess out-loud with confidence as we go along allowing you to see my skills, my motives and judgements.”