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Demian Brown Toronto Psychotherapist

About the Program

EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”.

“It’s not hypnosis and unlike hypnosis you are always in control at every point in the process.”

Clients interested in EMDR treatments combined with CBT for PTSD or Success Coaching.
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Kitchener/Waterloo Psychotherapists and Oakville Psychotherapists interested in getting their EMDR basic training certificate:

  • Please contact Demian Brown for details on upcoming EMDR training group sessions, schedules and fees.

EMDR Basic Training groups are held in home psychotherapy offices in Waterloo and Burlington and are comprised of approximately 10 Psychotherapists in training and certification takes place over a few weekends Friday-Sunday with two fully trained facilitators

  • Individual sessions are available for Therapists requiring the 20 hours of training to meet EMDRIA criteria for completion to acquire a Consultant Licence and these sessions are only available in Demian Brown’s Oakville Psychotherapy office.

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I’m mastering this technique following being first licensed a year ago by currently upgrading my qualification to an EMDR Instructor’s licence. This enables me to teach other Oakville and Toronto Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists across the GTA, Halton & Kitchener/Waterloo how to use EMDR in psychotherapy because it’s the fastest and most effective method for a Psychotherapist to bring relief to clients symptomatic with PTSD. It’s also the most effective methods to help professionals become more successful in future job performances.

This treatment is fast, effective, thorough, lasting and is simply profound in its effect.

See the before and after images below. These results occur after just a few treatments!

This SPECT scan image was taken after a person with PTSD went through a series of EMDR sessions. Notice how the red areas of over-activity in the brain have decreased substantially? This person's functioning increased positively and proportionately.

PET scans demonstrating the before and after effects of EMDR treatment.

Trailer for EMDR: A Documentary Film (2011)

Trailer for EMDR: a documentary film (2011) Video clip courtesy of director Michael Burns. Film's homepage can be found Here

In addition to treating Traumatic Stress and increasing job performance in success coaching I use EMDR as part of my treatment plans to help people overcome issues such as low self-esteem and it’s indicated for use with other diagnoses and situations. I have witnessed EMDR sessions drastically improving people’s futures and their experience of the present improves with Psychotherapy plus EMDR or just using EMDR alone:

This is a short demonstration of EMDR working in psychotherapy


While we dream, It’s the mechanical movement of the eyes and the way they stimulate either side of the body that actually helps us process our daily traumas. I have a device that I control that emits a vibration in an alternating fashion between the palms of the hands with speeds and intensities I can vary in a way that mimics rapid eye movement and stimulates both sides of the body in the same way as when we dream.

Picture depicting tactile EMDR device that I use in my Toronto and Oakville psychotherapy offices for treating PTSD and in success coaching


After attending my office for your EMDR sessions you as my psychotherapy or success coaching client simply follow your memories. We will identify together the bigger and smaller traumas you’ve had during your life and decide which ones to target and desensitize first. Both you and I won’t know where your memories will lead us while in the protocol and what form they will take past the starting point-just that they will be processed and that things will improve!

There are no expectations from me as the Psychotherapist during treatment unlike in other forms of psychotherapy. Unlike with hypnosis your always in control with EMDR. While my clients with PTSD or my clients coming for success coaching recall a traumatic memory in my Oakville psychotherapy office they also receive bilateral stimulation with rapidly alternating vibrations like REM to both sides of the body through the hands. While I do success coaching in Oakville with my clients to help them with future job performances or when teaching relaxation skills either as a Success Coach or a Trauma Psychotherapist, I use a slow pattern of vibrations during the psychotherapy protocol.


Traumatic memories are really frozen negative experiences that are lodged in the right hemisphere of the brain away from our ability to logically process them with all of their associated negative emotions, physical sensations, images and negative beliefs about ourselves that developed at the time of the trauma. these memories become generalized and easily triggered by reminders in the present that instantly bring on emotional flashbacks called re-experiencing or reliving of the traumatic event. EMDR Psychotherapy eliminates these triggers and flashbacks by neutralizing the entire traumatic memory and installing positive core beliefs.


EMDR is safe. EMDR is the most effective psychotherapy to treat PTSD and the fastest way to increase success with job performance because it seems to dislodge these frozen negative experiences and with my guidance as an experienced EMDR Therapist allows what’s frozen to flow to the left hemisphere of the brain from the right-the place where it’s been frozen since it was formed. Once the information is in the left hemisphere of the brain it can be processed. This happens fast! This is a profound effect where the information that may be trapped for years or even decades all of a sudden leaves the entire nervous system of a person in psychotherapy often by the end of the psychotherapy session.

This is an advanced practice therapeutic technique that has one of the strongest and fastest treatment effects for symptoms of PTSD of any other modality. In terms of Success Coaching It’s the fastest way to increase future performance at work or in any competition.

My approach to Success Coaching and to treating traumatic experiences and PTSD includes using a combined approach consisting mostly of EMDR first. This is followed by developing an elaborate and comprehensive treatment plan that I create with my clients borrowing largely from Cognitive Therapy (CBT), while using techniques such as Motivational Interviewing psychotherapy, a strengths based approach with exposure therapy and systematic desensitization altogether in a tailored plan.

EMDR compared to all other therapeutic approaches is arguably powerful and fast in how quickly it neutralizes traumatic memories and associated triggers while it quickly restores a person to normal functioning or in some cases helps someone with life-long trauma and PTSD to function for the first time free from the heavy burden of PTSD symptoms. This is why it’s also effective at removing the negative impact of past failures on the job or the ones in life that effect job performance while increasing future successes in business success coaching.

Once EMDR helps to reduce core trauma related symptoms or negative memories or experiences in success coaching then the higher level “brain work” just mentioned in terms of treatment planning can be more easily and successfully implemented such as using CBT.

While I’m using EMDR with my clients as the first step in their PTSD treatment or initial part of success coaching I introduce a psycho-educational approach in parallel to teach my clients the requisite skills they will need to do the Cognitive Therapy homework once EMDR sessions are not needed.

In addition, I begin my work with my clients with trauma or clients during success coaching on their self-esteem, self-worth and self-efficacy in addition to working on helping clients with assertiveness, boundaries and conflict resolution skills. I do this through role plays and assigning exposures (confronting situations) armed with tools from CBT and backed up by EMDR.

Please go to my sites menu-appointments page-see my self-booking schedule, login once and book a session to get EMDR by an Oakville Psychotherapist. I do EMDR and psychotherapy in both my Toronto psychotherapy and Oakville psychotherapy offices.

EMDR is used successfully in these Therapeutic or Success Coaching scenarios:


“While in session I think, analyze, feel and assess out-loud with confidence as we go along allowing you to see my skills, my motives and judgements.”