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Demian Brown


Toronto Psychotherapist (and Oakville)

I’ve devoted my life’s work for over twenty years to my lifelong passion for understanding and helping people by publishing personal/professional research, participating in a very broad range of clinical and supervisory experiences, developing and implementing hospital based policies to meet patient needs, running agency programs while participating in hospital multi-disciplinary health teams and assisting Toronto college and university Psychology Professors delivering course material.

In addition, as a Toronto and Oakville Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Social Worker, I have appeared on TV programs like City TV News, eTalk Entertainment Show & CBC National Evening News as an Addictions & Mental Health Consultant educating the public about therapy, addiction and mental health counselling issues from the perspective of a Toronto Psychotherapist. In addition, I was interviewed for articles published in national magazines such as Canadian current politics based “This Magazine” about disability rights and for the psychology based self-help, “Esperanza Magazine” about coping with the impact of Mood Disorders on relationships and I was also featured in 2 documentaries one about divorce and one about conflict between couples. I’m a Toronto and Oakville Psychotherapist practicing at Bloor and Sherbourne Street across from Sherbourne Subway, and at the West Oak Medical Clinic and Multidisciplinary Specialists.

About Me


Oakville TUE and THU:
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Toronto WED and SUN:
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Remote Sessions Flexible (Upon Request)

600 Sherbourne St., Suite 501
Toronto, Ontario
M4X 1W4
2525 Old Bronte Rd., Suite 200
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 4J2M


Your Toronto Psychotherapist

I’m an award-winning counsellor in Toronto and Oakville. My expertise are too far ranging to list here but as a Psychotherapist with decades of experience, I have worked as a Couples Counsellor, helped people separate, helped people stay together, worked with children, adolescents, addictions, relapse prevention, Bipolar Disorder, facing charges and as a Domestic Violence Therapist, Anger Management Therapist and also specialize as an Anxiety Disorders Therapist and Depression/Mood Disorders Therapist in Toronto. My training as a Registered & Licensed Social Worker isn’t limited to the list above, I am certified to provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples for a wide range of issues as a Psychotherapist.




The most important thing is for me to hear about your strengths as you see them while I find even more because it’s through their power and our joint effort to mobilize them that your growth will best happen


Demian Brown Psychotherapist MSW, RSW – Etalk Entertainment live Toronto studio 2013: Amanda Bynes mental health

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Therapeutic Philosophy

My Therapeutic Philosophy is to provide more accessible therapy to help people address current challenges and long-standing issues, as well as to explore their unique way of being with themselves, others and their environment.


Insurance & Fees

Since I’m a registered Social Worker (RSW) most group insurance plans cover my services (usually 500-1000 dollars per year 80-100% of the session fee). Payment: Cash/Check/E-mail transfer/Credit card – Click the button below for more information.


High-Profile, Celebrity Clients

With my available hours I accommodate most high-security needs of my couples, individuals and families.
In recent years as my practice has increasingly catered more to clients who would be recognized, therefor requiring extra privacy.


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“While in session I think, analyze, feel and assess out-loud with confidence as we go along allowing you to see my skills, my motives and judgements.”